Make-Believe (R14): Initial Netica .dne support

For a little while, I’ve been wanting to add support for Netica .dne files, and I’ve managed to finally land something. The support is very crude (even cruder than for GeNIe .xdsl files) and probably very flaky. There’s only support for basic networks with discrete chance nodes — no support at all for deterministic nodes, equations, decision nodes, utility nodes or dynamic nodes (as there is for GeNIe files).

I included another one of my side-projects in order to get this support, namely a parser. I ought to write a separate post about the parser at some point, but in short, it’s meant to be a very quick way to use a grammar (with embedded regular expression support) to transform an input source into not just a syntax tree, but something that more closely represents the final desired object model. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s certainly good enough to do the parsing work needed here.

Anyway, here’s the 14th release of Make-Believe:


  • Initial Netica .dne support for basic networks (discrete chance nodes only!)
  • Update beliefs immediately on BN loaded from query string

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