Make-Believe (R15): CPT Editing

A very small update this time, although in a way it’s one of the more substantial changes to the direction of the software.

In the past, when you double clicked an ordinary discrete node, a dialog would pop up with the probabilities in the CPT. This still happens, but the numbers are now actually labelled and you can edit them. There’s no validation there at the moment, so if you enter nonsense, it will still try to run the network with whatever you’ve entered. What you edit will also get saved to file — and again, if you enter nonsense, who knows what can happen! (Actually, it will probably just result in a file you can’t open.)

One thing I’ve implemented here is that as soon as you click ‘Save’, the network will try to run the inference again. This will no doubt be annoying for large networks, but for small networks it tightens the ‘try it and see’ loop. I’ll put in a setting at some later stage to control this.


  • Added headers, parent state combination names to CPT view (double-click to view)
  • Allow editing of CPT

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