Make-Believe (R16): Changes


Node context menu

Most of the changes in this version have to do with the ability to make changes to the network. So it’s now possible to rename nodes and delete nodes. This functionality can be found when right-clicking a node. Another change is that right-clicking brings up a menu relating to the node. I’m taking a slightly experimental approach with this. We’ll see how it works out. It’s certainly not settled.

One more thing added in this version is the ability to learn (CPT) parameters from data via counting. This works pretty straightforwardly, although only with tab delimited text files (.txt) at the moment. If it encounters a row with missing data, it can still learn a node’s CPT parameters, so long as there is complete data for the node and its parents in that row.

All of the above changes can be saved to file, though it’s all experimental as well, so I certainly wouldn’t rely on it!


  • Initial right-click menu
  • Allow renaming nodes
  • Allow deleting nodes
  • Allow learning parameters from data via counting
  • Background changes to file organisation and small amount of cleanup

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