Make-Believe (R18): Now in Colour

asia-colorsNode colours and formats are now fully supported (create/read/update/delete), however the behaviour deviates from GeNIe a little to allow for “default” (or unspecified) colours. This relies on assuming default colours are the intent if the formatting of a node has been left at GeNIe’s defaults. I’m not happy with this approach, but I can’t think of a better way to allow unspecified colours.

Other notable changes in this version include an expansion of some of the functions supported for compatibility with GeNIe’s functions, and the implementation of a simple probability of evidence function (Network -> Calculate Probability of Evidence). Worker-based inference is also back in this version. This involved cleaning up the compile step, which is a bit more robust (all of which is in the background only).


  • Fixed worker-based inference, when changes have been made to network
  • Support for .dne comments
  • Fixed menu markers
  • Added support for node colours and formats
    • Read in from .xdsl files
    • Fix editing of formatting controls
    • Save format changes to .xdsl file
    • Added a simple regression test (requires visual verification)
  • Probability of Evidence (simple, slow version)
  • Added support for the same function-form logical operators as GeNIe (And, Or, etc.). No “Not”, because there’s none in GeNIe.
  • Support for further functions (arithmetic)

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