Make-Believe (R20): Submodel Cleanup

Tnodecontexthe focus in this version was cleaning up some of the rougher edges (and outright breakages) from the introduction of submodels. So, it’s now possible to move nodes between submodels from the node context menu. It’s possible to remove all the submodel information from a network using the Network -> Flatten Network command. And it’s possible to view arc strengths with BNs containing submodels (using a perhaps questionable approach to summarising the influence flowing into and out of a submodel).

DNE support has also been fixed, along with a bug from the past that prevented evidence being entered into certain types of DNE file. (There is almost certainly a very large number of other issues with DNE support still — it’s not a main focus.)


  • Can (properly) flatten a network with submodels (but this is a non-reversible change, rather than a different view)
  • Can move nodes from one submodel to another, by changing it’s ‘path’
  • Made ‘type’ visible on context menu (need to make changeable … somehow)
  • Added ‘label’ to the context menu
  • Made context menus available on submodels
  • Possible to change ID and label on submodel nodes
  • Code: .submodelPath vs .path (the latter includes id of the submodel itself). Eliminated .path
  • Can view submodel path, and move submodels to different submodels from context menu
  • Show arc strengths fixed, and can be used with BNs containing submodels (I’m not clear that the approach I’ve chosen is sensible, though, which is sum(mi)/sum(child-entropies) for all applicable paths)
  • FIXED: Significant contextmenu dialog duplication. PART FIXED: Now fix node context menu
  • FIXED: Continuous nodes/networks seem to have broken.
  • FIXED: .dne support broken

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