Make-Believe (R21): Coming of Age

nodecptNot a whole lot new in this release in comparison to some of the previous releases, with most of the work going into the backend. I’m starting to think about the API for Make-Believe and cleaning things up here and there in preparation for a more friendly and useful API. Two user-facing changes are the ability to rename states (from the CPT context menu — just click the state label to start editing) and bar graphs for the probabilities in the CPT (which are currently always visible). CPT formatting needs a lot of work, of course, and there are more useful things to be done there first, but the bars were cheap and fun to implement! (In case it’s of interest, I’m actually using CSS gradients for this.)

Also, I’m trying to switch to a numerical representation everywhere I’m calling ‘chances’. (The latest change is in the CPTs.) It’s nothing dramatic, and I was already using it in the interface. Essentially, non-certain probabilities are represented by a decimal point followed by decimals (importantly, with no leading zero) and the certain probabilities are (as you’d expect) 0 and 1. This is because I’m sick of saying things like “a probability of 0.345” (14 syllables) or “a 34.5% chance” (9 syllables, and somewhat misleading) and would prefer to say “a .345 chance” (6 syllables). I like my languages Huffman-coded…


  • Added bars (bar graphs) to CPT cell background
  • Changed CPTs to display ‘chances’
  • Check for valid CPT on change
  • API: Allow adding states
  • API: Allow deleting states
  • API: Allow renaming states
  • API: Centralise new Node/addNode code
  • Can rename states from CPT context menu (click column header for state to start editing)

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