Make-Believe R24: Connections


View -> Highlight D-Connected Nodes. Nodes d-connected to ‘smoke’ are highlighted in red.

A little bit of an unintentional pause in the release rhythm, but we’re hopefully back to an ordinary schedule now. This release has a few API updates, plus one addition to the GUI: the ability to highlight d-connected nodes. In case you’re not familiar with d-connectedness: Two nodes are d-connected (given existing evidence) if it is possible to influence one node by entering deterministic evidence in the other. Note that the GUI for this is not at all good. Tap the title of a node to select it, then choose View -> Highlight D-Connected Nodes. The nodes will stay highlight until you click ‘Highlight D-Connected Nodes’ again. (And nodes will stay selected until you tap them again.) Like I said, not good. But it is functional for now. Not well tested, but functional.


  • API: Use hybrid jQuery interface object.setXXX() (returning this) and object.XXX for gets
  • API: Auto-generate setXXX methods for all properties, to allow/enforce jQuery-style chaining with setXXX()
  • API: D-connected methods: areNodesDConnected (tests if two nodes are d-connected) and findAllDConnectedNodes (finds all nodes that are d-connected to a given node). In addition, there is isConnectedPath (tests if a single path is connected) and findAllPathsBetweenNodes
  • GUI support for finding d-connected nodes

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